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Class Descriptions

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Adult Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Drills

Big kids Brazilian Jiu-jitsu 

Drills are repetitive movements that are intended to hone one's skills.  We use them to focus and break down parts of techniques to allow for muscle memory, speed, and agility. This class can be taken in conjunction with the 7 pm class or taken alone.  

Big Kids BJJ is for ages 10-14.  You may choose between three options for your child BJJ program. We do this so that if your child is in other sports or activities that they are able to work around those activities.  You may choose to bring them 2 days a week or four days per week between the days of Tuesday and Friday.  The pricing will be different for the four day package. 

Little kids Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Little kids BJJ is for kids between 6-9 years old. We like to keep the kids similar in size and experience so that they can have the opportunity to complete all drills and techniques.  

Yin Yoga Rachel

Yin yoga is a slow practice that focuses on applying appropriate stress to connective tissue to improve circulation and flexibility. Poses will be held for up to 5 minutes, and props are used to help each practitioner meet their physical and mental edge. Yin can help athletes improve performance, and it helps all of us enjoy better physical and mental health Tuesday, Friday, Saturday am. Thursday Pm. 

Hatha Yoga Rita

Rita's Hatha Yoga class incorporates Asanas (postures) and mindful breathing throughout the class to keep the mind and body connection flowing simultaneously. The class is beginner-friendly and focuses on alignment but still can be challenging enough to welcome intermediate and advanced yoga practitioners. Wednesday pm Sunday am.

TGIF Flow FRiday Brooke

Kick off your weekend in a healthy, positive way! This fun flow class will be set to upbeat hits from the 60s through the 90s (and we’ll take requests). Modifications will be offered so you can choose the energy and difficulty level that is right for you. Beginners through advanced practitioners will enjoy this class. 

Mindful slow flow Cassandra 

Mindful Slow Flow is a beginner friendly vinyasa class that links the breath with the physical practice through smooth transitional flows. This class will incorporate meditation and breathwork to increase strength and flexibility as we move through Sun Salutations to increase our stamina and stability. This class will offer variations to suit a wide variety of yoga practioners.

Restorative Relaxation Cassandra

This class is perfect for all levels. We will blend meditation and breathwork to relax and restore your body and mind. Moving through gentle asana poses and mindful transitions to release any tension and stress, focusing on slow movements and longer holds with breathing exercises. All poses will be offered with a variety of variations available to suit any body type or ability.

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